Fee Collections Administration Services

Collections Manager is a specialist provider of collections administration services, delivering improved fee collections and lowering administration costs.

You set the collections parameters. Collections Manager’s fully automated online system does the rest. All Collections are fully reconciled and settled daily, directly to the your account.

Collections Manager supports its fully automated collections administration service with a professionally accredited late stage collections team.



Why Use Collections Manager?

Remote Data Capture
Manually exporting and uploading data can be complex and prone to error. This is completely avoided with Collections Manager. We already remotely sync data with over 70 different types of accounting systems.

Smart Systems
Our easy to use web based systems are accessible from the office or the airport lounge.

Seamless Real-Time Reporting
At the click of a mouse, an accounts administrator will know the payment status of any fee payer at anytime. The web-based reporting platform is so easy to use and tracks the entire payment history of each debtor.